The Women Entrepreneurs Network Launch

The Women Entrepreneurs Network Launch
The Women Entrepreneurs Network Launch event was held on November 18, 2018 at The Greek Campus to mark the inauguration of the Network. The WEN has been developed by USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) Project, to support aspiring and established women entrepreneurs in Egypt and increase their access to entrepreneurial services The WEN launch event. The day started with a meeting between Ms. Sherry Carlin, USAID/Egypt Mission Director and WEN’s steering committee representatives. WEN’s steering committee is composed of The National Council for Women, The Federation of Egyptian Industries, Alexandria Businesswomen Association, Women of Egypt 21, Entreprenelle, Flat6Labs, Nile University, and Etijah. The meeting discussed the role of the steering committee and their future plans for the WEN’s sustainability.

The Launch event started by a keynote speech given by Ms. Shaimaa Omar, one of SEED’s beneficiaries, where she discussed her inspirational story about her journey into being a successful entrepreneur, and then was followed by speeches from Ms. Carlin, Ms. Blerta Aliko, UN Women Representative, and Ms. Soha Soliman, Member of the National Council for Women. The WEN launch, marking the last day of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, was attended by over 200 participants including different players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt from women entrepreneurs and women-focused organizations members to representatives from the government, international organizations, universities, and incubators. The launch event included two panel discussions moderated by the steering committee members, discussing the role of the network in supporting women entrepreneurs, and the challenges and sustainability measures the WEN is considering. 

Moreover, the WEN launch event included an entrepreneurs’ exhibitions, including more than 30 exhibitors in different fields including handicrafts, food products, fashion designing, events management, education, etc. Additionally, a Mentorship Corner was held during the event, where 11 mentors held mentoring sessions with 47 entrepreneurs from Cairo, Alexandria, Mansoura, and Suez in different sectors including Handicrafts, Furniture, Education, Bus Solutions, Culture, Florist, Designer. Last but not least, the WEN Launch included a photo gallery that was placed within the library and the platform area. The photo gallery exhibited some of the efforts that SEED exerted over the years to support women entrepreneurs through different initiatives, events, workshops, and sessions.

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