WEN Mentorship Program

WEN Mentorship Program
As part of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN) core objectives, USAID’s SEED, in cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), held a four-day mentorship training entitled WEN Mentorship Program - Sep 8-11 for women entrepreneurs and businesswomen, at TIEC’s premise.

The purpose of the training was to enable women in leadership positions to mentor female-led startups/entrepreneurs from different governorates, in their early business stages to scale up their enterprises and reach their potential.

Training was delivered by Life Coach Egypt (LCE), a highly accredited coaching and mentoring company, and was attended by 24 businesswomen from diverse sectors and various fields of specialization such as Human Resources, Business Development and Entrepreneurship.

The program’s methodology was interactive and participatory, and in addition to having the opportunity to connect with each other, Mentors benefited by learning about mentorship dynamics, strengthening of their communication skills, learning about behavioral patterns and how to share their experience to benefit others and build relationships with their mentees.

USAID’s SEED conducted pre and post training evaluations and through their analysis found that participants’ competency level evaluated at 57% prior to the training went up to 88% at the end of the 4th training day.

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