WEN Speed Mentoring Event

WEN Speed Mentoring Event

In continuation of USAID’s SEED mentorship program that was held from Sep-8 to Sep-11, USAID’s SEED in partnership with Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) held a Speed Mentoring event on November 16 at KMT House, Maadi, Cairo.

The Speed Mentoring event was attended by 11 women mentors, who were trained by USAID’s SEED earlier in September on how to cascade their knowledge to the benefit of their mentees, and 35 women mentees who are leading their own startups and are in different stages of their startups.

The event aimed to match the trained mentors with the most suitable mentee(s) whom they will be committed to mentor for the upcoming three months and to further assess the needs of the female-led startups.

During the Speed Mentoring event, each mentee had 15 minutes of one-to-one with more than two specialized mentors who gave them on the spot advice as to know to move forward with their startup given the challenges that they face. The assignment of mentors and mentees was based on the mentor’s area of expertise and the mentee’s business challenge.

Following the event and the matching evaluation that both mentees and mentors have written, each mentee will be match with one mentor who will carry on the mentorship sessions for the upcoming three months with a minimum of five hours of mentoring per month.

“The event was really a good chance to engage with such mentors & mentees. I did not know my assigned mentor form before, but I did not expect that I would can get mini actionable marketing plan in 15-20 minutes! I have to say that such events are very supportive, pushing and somehow refreshing work performance” Said Maha Abd El-Hakim, Founder of Al Warsha and one of USAID’s SEED mentees.

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