Angel Investment Panel Discussion at Techne Summit

Angel Investment Panel Discussion at Techne Summit

As part of the Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (WEN) objective of increasing women’s access to finance through the establishment of a Women Angel Investment Network, USAID’s SEED, in cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), held a panel discussion on Sep-29 during the Techne Summit held at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria Governorate.

Techne Summit is the first initiative of its kind in the ecosystem which conducts an annual event in support of Startups in the technology track, with special focus on Women Startups.

This year, Techne Summit focused on investment channels for startups, which was a good opportunity for USAID’s SEED to hold a panel discussion titled “Women Investing in Women: Challenging Stereotypes and Closing Gaps”.

On the panel was Eng. Samir El Alayly, Chairman of Malaikah NGO and Investa Venture Capital; Joy Ajouny Co-founder of Fetcher; Rasha Tantawy Head Entrepreneurship Support at TIEC; Dalia Ibrahim, Founder and CEO of EdVentures; and the panel was moderated by Menna Abdel-Rahman former Cairo Angels General Manager.

The panel’s main goal was to raise investors’ awareness on the importance of women invest in other women. Challenges and stereotypes that women face when pitching for investments were highlighted and discussed, and investors from both genders said that they witnessed the challenges that face women when pitching for investment.

One of the examples given was that of a female entrepreneur who had to pitch for almost 300 Venture Capitals before managing to obtain the investment that she needed.

During the heated panel discussion, Mrs. Ibrahim, who invested in women-led startups, against all odds, highlighted the importance of having a women investor vouch and lobby for other women entrepreneurs, as they tend to employ and help other women.

The panel also emphasized the importance of impact investment in female-led startups, given that women often tend to be intimidated by male investors.

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