WEN Steering Committee Capacity Building Workshop

WEN Steering Committee Capacity Building Workshop

USAID’s SEED organized the Women Entrepreneurs Network (WEN) Steering Committee Capacity Building Workshop from Feb-13 to Feb-15 in Alexandria governorate. The workshop brought together the Steering Committee members to plan for the upcoming year through developing a work-plan and reaching a common agreement on the next steps concerning WEN’s sustainability.

During the first day of the workshop, the facilitator, Noha Abdelhamid from Assela Foundation, focused on the transformative leadership model to engage the steering committee members into translating their respective leadership styles into the sustainability of WEN.

Throughout the following two days, the facilitators, Ms. Abdelhamid and Mr. Ahmed Naguib, assisted the steering committee into coming up with two initiatives that the steering committee believes WEN can carry out during 2020 through identifying who will lead said initiatives and hence identifying who is accountable. WEN’s initiatives were based on their vision statement which entails that “WEN is the leading network synergistically advancing Egypt’s prosperity by empowering women entrepreneurs”

Furthermore, steering committee elected the board and the president of the network who will work on the sustainability plan of the WEN. Through the elections, the committee has assigned Ms. Sahar Mounir from Nile University as the Executive Director and Secretariat of the network in voluntary bases, Ms. Basmah Osman from FEI as the President, Ms. Azza Mahfouz from ABWA as Deputy of the President, and Ms. Rania Ayman from Entreprenelle as Secretary-General.

Additionally, USAID’s SEED approached the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), which will host and incubate WEN under the FEI as a strategic entity to overcome the legal framework complexities and prove WEN with a separate band account.

Finally, Mr. Naguib, finalized the WEN bylaws that were developed earlier in 2018. Mr. Naguib went through the bylaws with the steering committee members as they added their final comments to the document, including the membership fees, membership duration and nature.

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