Financial Literacy Workshops for Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt

Financial Literacy Workshops for Women Entrepreneurs in Egypt

As of July 25, 2018  162 Egyptian women entrepreneurs have graduated from  the Financial Literacy Workshop for Women, funded by USAID's Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project in partnership with the CHF Management and Consulting Services Egypt SAE – Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) Loan Guarantee Facility (CHF/OPIC).

Throughout April, May, and July of this year, USAID's SEED offered SME Capacity Building Trainings to SME Owners/Managers. Thus far, a total of eight 2-day rounds of workshops have been held in Cairo and Alexandria, benefitting 205 participants including 162 women. 79 of these women came as recommendations from USAID's SEED’s core organizations, including IceAlex and member groups of the Women’s Entrepreneurs Network (WEN). The women entrepreneurs who attended the workshops represented diverse sectors such as handicrafts, events management, clothing manufacturing, and ICT.

The main objective of these workshops is to provide participants with the basic financial and banking knowledge to effectively run their SMEs, including sessions on the basics of accounting and finance; banking and loan processes; business registration processes; and other topics important to SME owners. At each session, roundtables were held for women entrepreneurs to provide them the opportunity to interact with representatives from banks as well as like-minded peers in order to widen their business and personal networks.

USAID's SEED organized and coordinated the sessions, and collected feedback to further develop the training curriculum for upcoming rounds. Participants were highly satisfied with the workshops and found the sessions to be interactive and tailored to where they are in their business lifecycles.


Dina El-Salam, developing a platform to export handmade products:

“The sessions were good as I learned how to read financial statements and discovered extra tips and tricks. The Legal forms were the best part, as it will be very useful for me especially the capital part. Now I know that when I develop my business it will be a Limited Company (L.C.).”

·         Noha Yehia, Founder and CEO, Notre Art, Furniture Manufacturing:

“Although I took all of this content in the MBA, I heard different stuff today, and the way the instructors explained the material was refreshing to the memory and was practical to my work”.

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